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One year since the disappearance of Georgina Gharsallah

News   •   Mar 07, 2019 12:33 GMT

Today (Thursday) marks the one year disappearance of Georgina Gharsallah.

Georgina, 31, went missing from Worthing on March 7, 2018 and she has not been seen or made contact with her family or friends since.

Chief Inspector Miles Ockwell explained: “Georgina is desperately missed by her family and this has been a very distressing time for them.

“A year has passed and despite there being a huge amount of enquiries in an effort to locate and track Georgina’s movements, we are no further nearer to understanding the true circumstances of her disappearance.

“Each reported sighting and location with links to Georgina has been and will continue to be investigated.

“We, alongside her family, just want to hear from her or anyone who may have information on her disappearance.

“We are offering a reward of up to £5000 for information that leads directly to her being located.”

Georgina is white, 5’ 4” and was last seen with shoulder-length dark hair and a Monroe-style piercing above her lip.

Miles added: “Georgina was last seen on the morning of March 7 walking along Clifton Road carrying two plastic bags; one white and one orange. We believe Georgina was carrying her personal belongings and at least two mobile phones.

“If anyone has information on where Georgina is or have seen her since March 7, 2018 please get in contact with us.

“Georgina if you are seeing this please find a way to make contact with either us, your family or your friends. A year has passed and everyone is desperate to hear from you and to know you are safe.”

If you see Georgina please call 999 immediately. If you have any information at all, no matter how small, please also contact Sussex Police online or call 101 quoting Operation Pavo. Alternatively, you can visit the Crimestoppers website or contact the independent charity anonymously on 0800 555 111.

Author: Hannah Butt
REF: SXP2019/54313

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