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New road safety initiative targets speeding and red light offenders

News   •   Feb 08, 2019 16:44 GMT

The following press release has been issued on behalf of the Sussex Safer Roads Partnership:

If you speed through traffic lights you could now face a £100 fine and three points on your licence. You could also kill yourself or someone else.

This is the message being issued by the Sussex Safer Roads Partnership as part of a new road safety initiative.

At the beginning of 2019, Sussex saw the first deployment of the new digital upgrade to its red-light safety camera systems, which are located at well-used junctions in Brighton and Hove.

The new cameras enable the following:

  • Continued enforcement of red-light offences;
  • New enforcement of speed limits, even where the lights are green.

Sussex Safer Roads Partnership’s Safety Camera Team, in conjunction with Brighton and Hove City Council, who purchased the technology, have deployed the camera at two locations in the city so far – the Old Shoreham Road junction with Nevill Road, and the Coldean Lane junction with Lewes Road.

Red-light enforcement cameras were previously installed at these busy road junctions to reduce the risk of collisions.

Over the last week at Coledean Lane, it has become clear that many drivers are willing to risk not only theirs, but other road users’ safety by speeding up to beat the changing lights. The approach to the junctions are clearly marked with safety camera warning signage and the camera housings are clearly visible from the roadside.

Sussex Safer Roads Partnership is urging all drivers to slow down, don’t take the risk, and drive to arrive. This technology will continue to be deployed across the whole of Sussex where there are red-light cameras fitted. Please do not get caught out as you not only run the risk of being prosecuted, but could be responsible for a collision.

More information on safety cameras can be found here.

This “Speed on Green” camera will provide greater influence over drivers at signal junctions where drivers either disregard the speed limit or try to beat the lights when they are transitioning to their red phases.


Edward Preece, the Safety Camera Team manager, will be available for further quotes / interviews if required – there would need to be some notice for this.


Sussex Safer Roads Communications Officer – Jim Stobart


Mobile: 07715233680

SSRP background information.

The Sussex Safer Roads Partnership brings together teams from Sussex Police, East and West Sussex County Councils, East and West Sussex Fire and Rescue Services, Brighton and Hove City Council and Highways England. Using the wealth of knowledge and experience within the partnership, we aim to provide advice and support to all road users across Sussex. We refine and develop strategies to promote road safety and to encourage everyone to consider how they use the roads and how everyone can become safer. Recommendations and guidance are offered to urge everyone to share the roads and to foster an attitude of safety for all on our roads.

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