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Man imprisoned for attempted rape of woman in Bognor

News   •   Oct 04, 2019 16:29 BST

A man has been imprisoned for the attempted rape of a woman in Bognor.

Sorin-Alexandru Mandache, 24, a landscape gardener, of no fixed address, was sentenced at Portsmouth Crown Court on Friday (4 October) after admitting three counts of attempted rape at a previous hearing.

He was sentenced to four years and eight months imprisonment. It was reduced by the court due to his early plea of guilty.

Mandache had attacked the 44-year-old woman in Hook Lane, Bognor Regis, as she was walking home, shortly after 10pm on Thursday 1 August.

She was walking in nearby Shripney Road when he approached and engaged her in conversation, and asking her out for a drink, having apparently seen her on previous occasions elsewhere in the town.

The victim declined and walked on, but Mandache then attacked her and attempted to rape her before making off on foot.

The victim made her way home from where police were called.

The prosecution, authorised by the CPS, followed enquiries by detectives from the West Sussex Safeguarding Investigations Unit working with local Arun officers.

Detective Constable Katy Lewis said: "Immediate forensic and other enquiries swiftly led to Mandache's identification and he was tracked down within days. He had at first denied any involvement but when faced with DNA evidence had little option but to admit his guilt."

The victim, who wishes to remain anonymous, said: "I am glad that he has been put away, and can’t do this to anyone else.”

Katy Lewis added; "This isolated case shows how our investigations can be aided by swift reporting while forensic and other evidence is still accessible."

For further information about the investigation of sexual offences and support available for victims see the Sussex Police website

Author: Tim Mahony
Ref: SXP55487/2019

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