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Jail for man who brutally assaulted his own elderly mother

News   •   May 28, 2019 13:11 BST

A man who brutally assaulted his elderly mother after she asked him to turn his music down has been jailed.

John Ayensu slapped his mother to both sides of the face, causing her to fall to the floor, after she requested he lowered the volume.

He then picked up a broken wooden table and used this to repeatedly hit his victim over the head, and kicked her as she remained on the floor.

The incident occurred at their home in Kithurst Lane, Storrington, in the early hours of 27 December.

Following the assault the victim went to sleep, and woke around 2.45pm that day to find her car was missing. It was at this point she called police to report the assault and the stolen vehicle.

Officers attended and the 72-year-old victim was taken to hospital, where she was treated for multiple injuries. She was later released and taken to a place of safety.

The stolen vehicle, a black BMW, was added to the police ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) hotlist. It was spotted in the area and pursued by officers twice in the next 24 hours, but on both occasions the pursuit was called off due to the speed and manner it was driven in, which presented a risk to public safety.

The vehicle was later found damaged and abandoned in nearby Church Street in the early hours of 28 December.

Police Dog Goose was deployed to track from the scene, and led its handler directly back to Ayensu’s house, where he was found hiding behind a bedroom door.

He was arrested and charged with the following offences:

  • Assault occasioning actual bodily harm;
  • Criminal damage;
  • Aggravated vehicle taking;
  • Dangerous driving;
  • Driving with no insurance;
  • Driving while disqualified.

Following a trial at Lewes Crown Court, which concluded on Thursday 23 May, Ayensu was found guilty of actual bodily harm and was sentenced to 30 months’ imprisonment.

He earlier pleaded guilty to dangerous driving and driving with no insurance, and received a further eight months imprisonment for these offences (38 months total).

He was found not guilty of criminal damage and aggravated vehicle taking, and the offence of driving whilst disqualified will lie on file.

Ayensu, 46, who is unemployed, was also disqualified from driving for 39 months, and will be required to take an extended re-rest.

He was also ordered to pay a £170 victim surcharge.

In addition, he was given a restraining order for an indefinite period, with conditions not to contact the victim, and not to enter Storrington or Pulborough.

Author: Sam Satchell
Ref: SXP54725/2019


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