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Brighton burglary: Police appeal to return stolen sentimental items

News   •   Sep 09, 2019 13:20 BST

Police are appealing for the return of sentimental jewellery which was stolen in a burglary in Brighton on Friday (6 September).

Police received a report of a burglary at a house in Bristol Gardens, where three men on bikes went to the address just before midday. Whilst one acted as a lookout, the other two were reported to have broken in and stole a large amount of cash, designer clothing and two boxes containing highly sentimental jewellery.

A short time later police received a further report of a burglary in Marine Parade where the occupant had disturbed an intruder who ran off towards the seafront. In the process of fleeing property was discarded which included items stolen in the earlier burglary at Bristol Gardens.

That same evening a group of six men were arrested by officers in the Black Rock area of Brighton on suspicion of burglary and handling stolen goods.

Detective Sergeant Chris Lane said: "At this time numerous items of property have not been recovered and most importantly these include two small cardboard boxes, one pink and one blue, which each contained child teeth, locks of hair and other highly sentimental items. The owners are desperate to get them back. Other property outstanding includes a large amount jewellery, watches and cash.

"We are urging local residents and businesses to check their gardens, bin stores and outbuildings in the hope that they may be recovered and returned to the victims."

*Four men have been charged with burglary and handling stolen goods.

Rafal Rogulski, 37, of no fixed address, has been charged with two burglaries at Bristol Gardens and Marine Parade. Marcin Zuk, 41, of Kingston Road, Wimbledon, London and Cezary Sirerzpowski, 38, of no fixed address, have each been charged with the burglary at Bristol Gardens.

Martin Novak, 40, of no fixed address, has been charged with two counts of handling stolen goods in connection with the burglaries.

All four have been remanded in custody and will appear before Brighton Magistrates' Court on Monday (9 September).

Anyone with information about the burglaries or stolen property should report online or ring 101 quoting serial 716 of 06/09.

Author: Michelle Tugwell
Ref: SXP55358/2019